newcastle nsw australia | worldwide photo walk 2010

so after a morning “photo-walking” at maitland, i had a brief stop for lunch and headed in to newcastle for part 2 of my worldwide photo walk. this time i had no buddies to hold my hand and was a bit nervous, i got there late had a bag malfunction and felt totally out of place. but, i managed to find some people to tag along with, and everyone was friendly and willing to show off there piccies and equipment.  for three hours we wandered through the dead beat streets of newcastle and newcastle west, then on to the glamour of honeysuckle and along the foreshore. then my batteries were dead, not the camera batteries- mine!

when i got home i realised i’d left my name tag on from the previous session, and must of looked like the dork who brought their own name tag, so i was very suprised that anyone talked to me at all 🙂 how embarrassment

and the end result..







One Comment to “newcastle nsw australia | worldwide photo walk 2010”

  1. part one of my worldwide photo walk day

    …first up was the maitland walk, which was a lovely two hour stroll through maitland (maitland mall mostly) which featured some beautiful historic buildings and a few interesting characters. i dragged my friend b and my mother along for this one…

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