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July 24, 2016

29/52 The 52 Project

So I’ve just discovered The 52 Project by Practising Simplicity and absolutely love the concept and hopefully the acheiveability, so I’m starting mid-year but I don’t care and I’ll undoubtedly miss a few. But here goes…

We recently headed North for a family road trip, so here a few holiday snaps.

We visited my parents, who have a few chooks. Egg collecting is always a hit



We had a fun day riding the toboggan at the big banana, and strolling along the Coffs Harbour jetty.


And Stella turned one this week.



July 27, 2010

newcastle nsw australia | worldwide photo walk 2010

so after a morning “photo-walking” at maitland, i had a brief stop for lunch and headed in to newcastle for part 2 of my worldwide photo walk. this time i had no buddies to hold my hand and was a bit nervous, i got there late had a bag malfunction and felt totally out of place. but, i managed to find some people to tag along with, and everyone was friendly and willing to show off there piccies and equipment.  for three hours we wandered through the dead beat streets of newcastle and newcastle west, then on to the glamour of honeysuckle and along the foreshore. then my batteries were dead, not the camera batteries- mine!

when i got home i realised i’d left my name tag on from the previous session, and must of looked like the dork who brought their own name tag, so i was very suprised that anyone talked to me at all 🙂 how embarrassment

and the end result..






July 26, 2010

maitland nsw australia| worldwide photo walk 2010

after spending lots of time doing photography research on-line, i stumbled across the website for the worldwide photo walk . i had no idea what a photowalk was, but thought it could be fun and was willing to give it a go. i put my name on the waiting list for newcastle and put my name down for maitland so i didn’t miss out all together. turns out i made it onto both lists and decided to try both thinking they would be very different- city/country, new/old, big group/little group, you get the picture. and i was right they were very different, and i really enjoyed the day, although after five hours of “photo-walking” i was exhausted, with sore fingers and feet.

first up was the maitland walk, which was a lovely two hour stroll through maitland (maitland mall mostly) which featured some beautiful historic buildings and a few interesting characters. i dragged my friend b and my mother along for this one, mum spent more time rummaging through the antique stores than taking pictures, which also provided some great shots.

i met a few fellow photography lovers, and can’t wait to see some of their work on

so here are a few shots from the days outing


July 13, 2010

sun, sand and scarecrows| i heart my country | hannah grace photography


this is my country, australia. pretty beautiful place, hey?

i don’t know what i love most about it…

the beaches,  beautiful

the country side, breathtaking

the people… carefree

i am an outdoors girl and have always lived in beautiful places. i grew up near coffs harbour a coastal, rural town in nsw, where i felt like the beach was my backyard. swimming, snorkelling, surfskiing, soaking up the sun and sporting quite a nice tan. my dad and i were always looking for adventures, camping, caving, abseiling, bush walking, exploring the land the we lived in and checking out the wildlife

i now live in newcastle, another beautiful spot with more stunning beaches, the beautiful lake macquarie (which is now literally my backyard) and the hunter valley not to far away.

you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful spot, and it’s always different

it’s a great place to be, with lots more i’ve yet to explore

i heart my country, i am blessed

thanks for looking at my random collection of images

i heart

April 28, 2010

the coffs coast | Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter travel photography

we recently spent an extended weekend at safety beach nsw, the lovely home of my even lovlier parents

they are currently doing some major land developments and even though many of the beautiful trees are gone and the nextdoor neighbours are looming ever closer, it is still a gorgeous piece of the world and always a fun, relaxing visit with some adventure  mixed in

we visited the bello markets and saw some of the local ‘wildlife’, but also saw some very creative people.  we checked out curryfest and the shey punjabi dancers which i think should be the new zumba.  had a romantic childless stroll around the jetty.  went worming on low tide, john, as always being the master wormer caught 4 whoppers. and enjoyed a lovely meal at mangrove jacks cafe



worming at safety

March 6, 2010

tric | Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter portrait photography

after nearlly a twelve month wait for his gorgeous custom crook guitar, john was eager to show it off and wanted a personal photo shoot

this shoot took place at tric nite club ( from the hit tv show one tree hill) in wilmington, north carolina