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January 21, 2015

birth photography | Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Birth Photographer

i have just realised i never shared the beautiful birth stories that i captured last year here. i had been so eager to photograph a birth for such a long time that i approached a couple of mummies to be, and eventually found  two willing participants.

the first was gemma, this was her second birth. she had a super speedy birth, which unfortunately for me meant that i turned up about 2 minutes after the birth of her son jackson. but i still captured some beautiful moments as they got to soak in their new arrival.

i received the call that gemma was in labour at about 7am, she had gone into labour in the wee hours of the morning, and i think they were a little reluctant to call me out of my warm bed. as soon as i hung up the phone, unbeknown to me, gemma was pushing. i arrived at the delivery room and excitedly knocked on the door only to discover little jackson had just been born.

but don’t worry i had more luck second time round so stay tuned.


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